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Should you choose a New or Reconditioned / Used Stairlift?

There are several points you should consider when deciding whether to purchase a new stairlift or a reconditioned / used stairlift. Below are a few factors that could help you make up your mind:

Advantages of New Stairlift

  • Manufacturer warranty provided with each stairlift.
  • Parts readily available, as the stairlift is still current.
  • After-care - ie, support provided by the stairlift vendor.
  • New stairlifts can be built tp specification, adapting to the users specific needs.

Disdvantages of New Stairlift

  • More expensive than used stairlifts - often substantially.
  • A curved stairlift could take 3-10 weeks depending on the level of customisation required.
  • Curved lifts tend to require more service over time due to their complexity.

Advantages of Reconditioned / Used Stairlift

  • Used stairlifts are usually much less expensive than an equivilant new stairlift.
  • Savings could range between 300 and 1,000 (for straight stairlifts) - curved stairlifts could yield even higher savings.
  • Good quality, name branded, serviced used stairlifts are as unlikely to break down as a new stairlift..
  • A reconditioned stairlift will not devalue over time to the same extent as a new stairlift, so reconditioned stairlifts as a temporary fixture may be a better investment than an equivilant new stairlift.

Disadvantages of Reconditioned / Used Stair lifts

  • Used stair lifts have less warranty than new stairlifts - sometimes none, depending on the reseller.
  • You will require a used stairlift to "match" the shape of your stairs, which can make it harder to find a suitable lift.
  • Used and reconditioned stairlifts are more likely to need a service, depending on the model and the reconditioner - at Budget Stairlifts, we resell only the most reliable brands, making it less likely you will encounter problems.
  • Spare parts may be harder to come by if the model is no longer made - local dealers may be unable to support the stairlift long-term for this reason.
  • A used lift will require a match with your specific needs..
       - side of the stairs
       - length of track
       - users physical size and capabilities
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